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    D.L, on YELP

    Just had a facial with Tiffany for the first time and it was absolutely delightful. I had the "Most Popular Facial", which includes microdermabrasion, LED, masks, extractions, peels, etc.

    Before we got started, Tiffany sat down with me and asked me about my specific concerns, trouble areas, and skin care routine. Her office itself is very quaint and clean. The smells and sounds are very pleasant. Parking is a cinch as they have free parking downstairs.

    The facial itself was very relaxing. The time went by so quickly! Probably because I passed out (always embarrassing). She gave me instructions on how to take care of my skin, what to expect, and a cream in case my skin became very irritated. But my skin didn't feel irritated at all! My skin was glowing and felt so smooth. 

    The facial was not cheap but for the results, it was worth it. I am definitely returning back to Tiffany!

    Eunice , on YELP

    As a Bride to be, I wanted to invest on my facial care for a long time before the big day. I searched and searched for the best facial care places and I am glad that I chose Tifanny for my skincare service. I have been to Tiffany for 3 times so far, and I am absolutely thrilled by the result. 

    My skin condition was speechless. I had acne scars all over the cheek, some breakouts, and never dreamed for a clear/beautiful skin unless I born again lol.

    I didn't expect my facial condition to change dramatically within a short period of time, but it did! I still have 7 more times to go, but I can't believe my skin condition is getting dramatically better especially after three visits.

    If you don't know what service to choose, just make a appointment for 'the most popular facial' and she will adjust a little depends on your skin condition.

    Now days, so many places offer competitive prices in K-town, but you get what you've paid for. Like others say, every penny is worth it for Tifanny's service! 

    You will thank for all the yelp reviewers that you've found your heaven for the skincare service.

    Even I sincerely give thanks to all yelpers since I also found her through yelp. 

    It will be my favorite spot to go for the rest of my life :)! 

    *Price- 4/5

    *ambience- 5/5 (comfy, relaxable, cozzy, and has private 1:1 service. The best part of this place!!)

    *service-5+++/5  LOVE it!

    *result- 5++/5

    Tammy, on YELP

    Facials are awesome when done right and extremely disappointing when they're not.  So needless to say, I'm pretty picky when it comes to facials and if I'm going to get one, I'm going to find the best.  Thank yelp again for helping me find Tiffany :)

    Tiffany is really good at what she does and the effort she puts into the entire process doesn't go unnoticed.  She makes really good use of an hour and a half working every single minute to make you have an amazing experience.  Case in point- most aestheticians walk away after they put the mask on for you, but she gives you a massage on both arms and your head, and she uses fresh hot towels.  

    She has all the latest equipment and I'm not too sure what products she uses, but I always walk away feeling great and my skin glows for days.  I always lose count of how many steps there are to her facial, but let's just say there's at least 7.  The bed is really comfy with warm blankets n' everything.  

    I've been here 4 times now and I'm glad I found a great go-to person here.  It's not cheap at around $130 depending on what kind of facial you get, but you get what you pay for and in this case, it's totally worth every penny.

    Also you can book appointments online (yay, thank goodness for Tiffany being tech savvy) and they always send you a reminder n' all that.  Really convenient.

    Sarah, S   on YELP

    The short story: Tiffany is amazing.

    The long story: I've gone to Tiffany for her "most popular facial" a few times now and every time my skin is amazing afterwards.  Not right afterwards, but once it heals it looks better than it ever has.  I've always dealt with some mild acne, but recently I've been routinely developing some awful cystic bumps, deep in the skin.  Tiffany rides in like a knight on horseback and isn't afraid to be aggressive with those extractions and all I can do is hold on for dear life.  But, you know what they say: no pain, no gain. At least it all ends with a mini massage to help you forget.  She piles on treatment after treatment to the point where my face doesn't know what hit it.  Immediately after the facial my face is completely flat and the next day the redness is gone and my pores look itty bitty. Hallelujah!  Most expensive facial I've ever had but worth every penny.  If only I could afford to come here more often.

    Pro tip: go in and get a facial done and then spend the rest of your day engaged in a netflix binge in front of the tv, your hair will be a mess and your face will need to recover from the battle damage.  Also, be prepared for some peeling on day #3.

    J.P. on YELP

    Tiffany is AMAZINGGGGGG.. 

    dont go to anyone but her! she'll definitely make your skin amazing

    I wanted to improve my skin with facials/ treatments but always afraid of getting any harsh skin products/someone messing with the face!!
    my skin type: oily, white heads, black heads, redness/uneven skin :(

    Did the "most popular facial" and after a few days of peeling from the chemical peel I was SOOOOO happy!!(btw i was SCARED but after the flakes peel away.. its like ur skin is SOOO SMOOTH -- baby's butt status)

    VERY thorough and uses amazing products.. calming music and environment makes it easy to relax while she works her magic. nothing is quick/rushed here. She will take great care of you. 

    Easy booking online.. but book early because she will book up

    Parking: underground free, take elevator to the top floor, turn left and you'll see Skin Rejuv... Press the door bell (usually doors locked)

    Emma B, on YELP

    2 year of acne scar is gone after 2 treatment. Surely the best experience of facial ;)) she really takes time to treat your skin. And never tried to sell anything instead gave me free post treatment creams. And it worked well and I'm thinking to find those creams coz my skin is baby soft and bright.

    Ashley F,  on YELP
    I found Tiffany through a living social deal and I'm thankful I did because she's terrific.  So much so that I now schedule a regular monthly appointment with her.  I've seen her about 4x and have really noticed a difference in my skin.  I have all kinds of fun stuff to deal with (oily & dry skin, acne scars, clogged pores, etc.) and seeing her once a month has really improved things.  She is hands down the most reasonably priced facialist I've ever had for the type and quality of service you get. 

    I also love that whenever I've gotten a facial from her it's just us and sometimes her assistant.  It's a relaxing environment, clean and modern. The parking is underground and I've never had a problem finding a space. 

    Honestly, if you need a great facial at a super price, look no further.

    A.R  on YELP
    I love Tiffany.   I trust her completely.  I go see her and I just give up control and let her work while I relax. 

    She does such wonderful work!  I always look forward to our appointments.  She did my program leading up to my wedding last year.   I saw her every 6+ weeks and I wished it was every 2!   But she is just too busy!  

    Aside from the obvious stress relief and relaxation benefits, (she really makes you feel pampered), she is also really aware of your skin's unique needs.  I always feel she listens to my situation or concerns and worked with me.  I also appreciate that she doesn't try to up-sell, but does occasionally make me aware of product options and I know I can trust her judgement and suggestion. 

    I can tell you - my skin was glowing not only for my wedding but from the time I found Tiffany.  I now drive from the Marina to see her in Koreatown - so that's a hint on how much I love her.   One more thing - I feel she's almost a friend, who cares for my well-being in general, not someone who sees me as only a customer. 

    Its already kind of hard to get an appointment - I usually have to wait 3 weeks for a mutually convenient time - but I just had to write a review for her, even knowing more people will want appointments.  She's fantastic!!!